About Our Sweet Little Men

To say Charlie and Tucker Tabor made a surprising entrance into the world would be a vast understatement.  On Friday, March 22, 2013, Myka and the boys (still kicking each other in the womb) were at work, filling prescriptions and eating gummy worms.  Myka began to leak what she thought might be amniotic fluid.  She went to Baptist hospital at 1:30pm and began to get tested for everything under the sun.    Her BP was elevated and she had some protein in her urine, classic signs of a condition called preeclampsia.  The doctor made a great decision to check her in to the hospital to monitor her for 24 hours.  From that point, she began to have mild, irregular contractions.  By midnight, she was having full-blown contractions.  At 4:31am, Charlie Monroe graced us with his presence.  Tucker Cash was less cooperative and required an emergency c-section.  He arrived at 4:48am.

They went straight to the Baptist NICU, where they stayed for the next 5 days.  Following their echocardiagrams (Tucker actually had a 2nd ECG the following day, thanks to a “nagging” nurse, who had a sneaking suspicion something was wrong), it was discovered that Tucker has a congenital heart defect called a coarctation of the aorta (narrowing of aorta, causing possible decreased blood flow to his organs).  This will require surgical repair.  Luckily, we have one of the foremost children’s hospitals in the nation, Arkansas Children’s Hospital, here in Little Rock.  Both boys were transferred to ACH on the evening of Thursday, March 28th.  Charlie was doing well enough to stay at Baptist, but he wanted to be with his brother, so he rode in the same ambulance to ACH.

Once at ACH, both boys went through all the normal tests for babies being admitted to the NICU, including x-rays, ultrasounds of their heads, etc.  They already had head ultrasounds at Baptist, but the results were pending at the time of their transfer.  Therefore, ACH did their own head ultrasounds.  Both of our little men had bleeding in their brain, although neither had what medical professionals consider severe bleeds.  While hearing that the boys had bleeding in their brain was about the last thing we wanted to hear, we were thankful that they did not have more serious bleeds.  We were told these bleeds normally resolve, without any lasting complications, but they obviously can also get worse.

Lots of ups and downs, constant worrying, many thoughts, some crying, plenty of love, loads of hope, and frequent prayers.  This is going to be our new normal for at least the next several months, if not longer.  We are drawing tremendous strength from our family and friends at this time.  We are buoyed by the love, support, and prayer we are receiving from everyone we know and many we don’t.  Please keep praying for us and our precious, sweet, little men.  We really appreciate it!


Myka and Ben

One thought on “About Our Sweet Little Men

  1. I had my son the day before your twins were born due to severe preeclampsia at 27 weeks. I found this page via one of my many google searches. It’s encouraging to see your sons progress as my son is also still in NICU and battling the breathing issue as well (we’ve been stuck on Cpap for a few weeks due to the issue of bad gasses). Your boys are beautiful! I will be praying for them and hope that you will do the same for my little Jackson! Best of luck and god bless!

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